Our Plan CSR

The Management of IMASDE AGROLIMENTARIA, aware of its responsibilities, wishes to contribute actively and voluntarily to improving its social, labour, and environmental background, promoting respect for human rights and animal welfare in all its actions, above the mere compliance with the legislation.

We seek to provide a quality service to customers, minimizing negative impacts on the environment, maintaining strong ethical standards in internal relationships with all the staff, and external, with other market agents.

Currently, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan pays special attention to developing actions based on ethics, such as:

  1. Occupational risk prevention programs;
  2. Adoption of non-discriminatory hiring policies with equal opportunities;
  3. Promotion of training, especially related to animal welfare and good clinical practices;
  4. Use of clean energy and recycling of waste;
  5. Promote forums for dialogue within the company and the participation of staff in decision-making.
  6. Promotion of Research Projects with other companies interested in circular economy, efficient use of natural resources, reducing the environmental footprint and improving waste product’s reutilization.