Trials and development protocols

Trials and development protocols

Developing experimental trials in the Feed & Food sector requires deep control of a large number of key factors that could drive the researchers to misunderstand the final results. Therefore, each experiment needs an optimum scientific design that guarantees the quality and validity of field results.

All the activities related to the Applied Research Field require a pre-planned agenda, including experimental protocols to determine which are the main target variables to study, the number of replicates needed to assure statistical differences, the most accurate statistical analysis to apply, etc. Afterwards, the monitoring of the experimental protocol and all the activities included need highly experienced and qualified personnel, in order to describe the Hazard Points of the experiments and avoid non-desirable mistakes.

Research activities are not only developed in Research Centres but also necessarily have a commercial stage where the obtained results are corroborated under practical conditions.

IMASDE has extensive experience in supporting private companies to develop their own research activities that are needed to design new products or processes, or even to improve those already existing in their own facilities.

If required, all the experimental protocols are design to fulfil European requirements (EFSA, European Food Safety Authority) in order to obtain the authorisation for additives for use in animal nutrition.